Good Seeds | Bad Seeds

This print-based work is under the framework of ‘What Do The Trees Tell Us?’ as a larger networked research project.

Any attempt to map a history of plant species reveals that it is as migrant and varied, if not more than the human species. Can territorialization be temporal as well as geographical? Good Seeds | Bad Seeds is a series thinking through botanical imaginaries and their influence upon identity making. What is a successful seed? What configurations of dreams, desires, ambitions, hunger, life and death are being sown into the soil alongside the seeds?  Building upon a collection of archival Pakistani postage stamps as a site of initial inquiries into marking terrain, cultivating and farming it, extracting from it, hydrating and dehydrating, and designing it in specific ways – Hira Nabi proposes an allowing for a set of future possibilities as a way to expand an inclusive, regional identity of cross-pollination and care. The work explores the arrival and transfer of seeds via colonialism, failed botanical migrations, economies of land usage, and suggests a closer look at the afterlives of fossils and seeds, as well as contested land rights.

Commissioned for Dhaka Art Summit 2020 – Seismic Movements